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Creating a Healthy and Harmonious Smile

Although we’re known as one of Cary, NC’s most established periodontal practices, we also offer additional dental services that you might otherwise find in a traditional family practice. These expanded therapies range from complimentary oral cancer examinations to bite equilibration to improve overall oral function at an everyday level. Having a healthy foundation for your teeth goes beyond the gum tissue and bone immediately surrounding them. We evaluate all aspects of your oral function, from the way your teeth bite together to the movement patterns of your TMJ (temporomandibular joint).

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Occlusal Adjustment for Improved Bite Relationships

How your teeth bite together can affect everything from migraines and fractured teeth to gum recession and bruxism (teeth grinding) habits. One of the additional dental services we provide is making minor modifications to the way your upper and lower teeth occlude — or bite together — to create better harmony throughout your entire mouth, reducing tension to teeth and soft tissues.

Do you struggle with chronic bruxism and grinding? Your tooth enamel may appear flattened and chipped, or recurring headaches could be a problem. As an additional dental service, we can fit you with a customized mouth splint to train your jaws so that they rest in a relaxed position, lessening the tension in your TMJ.

Oral Pathology/Cancer Exams

As a soft tissue therapist, Dr. Kazmer is expertly trained to identify and diagnose symptoms of oral pathology (cancer and other abnormalities). Unfortunately, oral cancer affects thousands of Americans each year, many of whom are completely healthy with no risk factors. Early diagnosis is vital to effective treatment and life expectancy.

When to Seek Care Immediately

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TMJ Disorder Treatment

Temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD) is a painful condition that limits the range of motion of the jaw joints and can interfere with everyday life. One of the additional dental services we offer is bite splint therapy and occlusal adjustment to improve the function and reduce tension within the TMJ.

Controlling and treating TMJ disorder can lessen the effects of painful conditions like migraine headaches, joint popping and clicking, difficulty chewing, and more.

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