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When it comes to the best in oral health care, you deserve an experienced periodontist that incorporates advanced dental technology into every service provided. Dr. Paul Kazmer is one of Cary, NC’s most experienced periodontal specialists, with nearly two decades of practice behind the technology being utilized in our practice.  Pairing skills and state-of-the-art resources provide you with the most predictable and successful treatment outcomes, whether it’s treating advanced gum disease or placing dental implants. When backed by years of experience, our technology ensures the highest quality of care for every procedure we complete.

The Wand® Local Anesthesia Delivery

Over the last two decades, patient comfort options and sedation dentistry  have made it possible to create the most relaxing and enjoyable experience during your treatment. Cary, NC periodontal patients now have access to “The Wand” computerized local anesthesia delivery, for essentially painless anesthetic (numbing) medication prior to their procedures.

The Wand works by gently infiltrating local anesthetic into the area around single teeth, so that only a small area is numbed. The advanced dental technology can also be paired with dental sedation, when you prefer to tune everything out going on around you, or enjoy a deeper relaxed sensation. If you have anxiety, phobia of the dentist, or require a more complex periodontal surgery, we invite you to consider sedation at our Cary, NC practice.

VP sedation System Dr Kazmer Cary NC
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The Wand® Computer Assisted Anesthesia System

a Patient getting a CT scann at Dr Kazmer Cary, NC

Digital CBCT Imaging

To provide the best care possible, Dr. Kazmer has invested in 3D CBCT/cone beam scanning equipment that allows us to preview a virtual model of your orofacial anatomy. This comes in especially helpful in cases of dental implant therapy or full mouth reconstruction, where computer guided implant placement is utilized.

A CBCT scan only takes a few moments to complete and is quite like having a traditional panoramic X-ray taken. Having this extra information on hand makes it possible to articulate complex care cases and minimize the invasiveness of certain types of surgery.

PerioLase and DEKA CO2 Laser Dentistry

Today’s laser dentistry goes beyond the scope of drill-free dental fillings and improves the way we help our patients preserve their natural teeth or treat soft tissue diseases. Laser dentistry incorporates minimally invasive light energy for more accurate procedures and faster healing times.

When is Laser Dentistry Used?

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