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Bone Grafting and Sinus Lifts Make Dental Implants a Possibility

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Bone Grafting: What and Why?

If you’ve ever thought about getting dental implants but were told that you don’t have enough healthy bone structure to support them (usually from extensive gum disease or tooth loss) then bone grafting could change that. As one of Cary, NC’s most experienced periodontists, Dr. Paul Kazmer has helped thousands of individuals enjoy dental implants who otherwise might not have been candidates for such a treatment.

Ridge augmentation and bone grafting allows you to improve the quantity and quality of bone support necessary for stabilizing your new dental implants. Whether you need just one implant or you’re choosing to get a full arch restoration or have your removable overdentures secured by as few as two implants, bone grafting empowers you with more choices in regard to replacing your missing teeth.

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How Does Bone Grafting Work?

Depending on your specific situation, bone grafting can be completed at the same time as your tooth extractions, or in advance of an upcoming dental implant procedure. Bone grafting material taken from your body or a safe donor source stimulates your body to produce new bone in the area, creating a healthy environment for dental implants to be placed.

Bone Grafting with Our Periodontist

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Sinus Lift Surgery in Cary, NC

If you’ve had missing teeth on your upper arch for some time, the sinus above where the roots once stood can start to sink lower into the jaw. In such instances, there may be inadequate bone. Fortunately, raising the sinus and placing a bone graft can create a healthy environment for your new dental implants to be properly placed. In most cases, a graft will need a few months to heal before your implant is placed.

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