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Minimally-Invasive Crown Lengthening Procedures

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Laser Dentistry Solutions for Your Gummy Smile

When you look at photographs or smile in the mirror, does your smile seem “gummy?” By recontouring the gumlines, we can safely and naturally expose more healthy tooth structure, helping your teeth look longer and your smile fuller and brighter.

Laser gum recontouring and crown lengthening offers gentler and faster results than traditional, invasive gummy smile treatments. You’ll enjoy immediate benefits to enhance the appearance of your teeth for improved oral health and self-confidence. As a gum expert, Dr. Paul Kazmer is the Cary, NC specialist to trust when it comes to ensuring the best and most natural looking results possible.

How Laser Crown Lengthening Works

Laser dentistry makes it possible to complete your crown lengthening treatment often only with local anesthetic and with minimal recovery time afterward. Rather than using scalpels or more invasive methods, our state-of-the-art DEKA CO2 soft tissue laser gently removes excess gum tissue via laser energy exposing the enamel that was covered up making your short or asymmetrical teeth longer and more esthetic. The entire procedure can be completed in just one appointment and you can be back to your normal activities with an beautiful new smile shortly after treatment. If dental treatment makes you nervous we can always consider sedation dentistry; your comfort is important to us.

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When is Crown Lengthening Recommended?

Excessive gum tissues or unhealthy gingival margins can impact the health and appearance of your teeth. By removing the edges of the gums and creating a new contour to frame your smile, Dr. Kazmer can help to establish an optimal environment that benefits a number of oral health concerns.

Treating gummy smiles no longer requires a painful gum surgery to recover from. Enjoy same day results that allow you to show off your beautiful teeth.

Do you need a new dental crown, but there isn’t enough healthy tooth structure to support one? Crown lengthening can expand your restorative options.

Cleaning below the gumlines is vital to managing and preventing relapse of periodontal disease. By shortening the depth of the “pocket” around your teeth, crown lengthening provides an effective alternative to surgery.

Sometimes unerupted or partially erupted teeth need to be accessed with orthodontic appliances to guide them into their proper position. A soft tissue laser easily exposes teeth in a comfortable manner.

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