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Gum Bleaching

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Healthier, More Attractive Looking Gums with Gentle Laser Therapy

Every beautiful smile needs the perfect frame around it. But when the gum tissue is uneven or to dark, it can detract from your smile. Dark gum tissue is natural, healthy and normal but some people don’t like the esthetic appearance when they smile, much like they might not like the shade of their teeth, and desire to lighten the gum tissue. Some people have an esthetic preference for pink gum tissue. 
Fortunately, gum bleaching (also known as gum depigmentation) is one of the types of cosmetic laser dentistry treatments that we offer in our Cary, NC specialty practice. By creating an even, healthy, pink gum tissue that’s visible when you smile, you can enjoy the smile you always wanted!

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Comfortably Enhance Your Smile’s Appearance

With modern laser dentistry, we’re able to perform gentle gum bleaching in a minimally invasive, comfortable manner. Soft tissue laser therapy can be used for a number of different cosmetic purposes, and Dr. Paul Kazmer is one of the original periodontists in the area to incorporate the technology into his practice, providing laser dentistry in Cary, NC for almost two decades. Laser dentistry is a safe and effective option for gum bleaching.

Dark gum tissue is caused by melanin in the surface of the gum tissue. This is the pigmentation in our body that creates darker skin, freckles, and even dark gums. It can affect people of all ethnicities and races, but it’s more common in people with darker skin.

Dr. Kazmer utilizes a state-of-the-art DEKA CO2 laser to do dermabrasion, gently removing the very top layer of tissue that holds the melanocytes, creating the pink tissue appearance many patients desire. Treatment is typically accomplished in one 30-minute visit.

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Safer Than Chemical Bleaching

Applying gum bleaching solutions that use gels or chemicals can result in burns or tissue irritation that causes severe discomfort. Fortunately, laser dentistry is much safer and works within just one treatment with our Cary, NC periodontist.

When to Consider Gum Bleaching

Trust a Gum Expert

For gum bleaching results that are comfortable and effective, it’s recommended to see a periodontist, or a soft tissue specialist. Dr. Kazmer is one of Cary, NC’s most experienced periodontal health experts, having practiced in our community for two decades.

Seeing a periodontist insures that your gum bleaching results are effective, without the elevated risk of possible side-effects from other treatment alternatives or less experienced providers. As such, you’ll experience the highest quality of aesthetics and the confidence to go along with it!

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