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Dental fear? Consider sedation dentistry

A Relaxing Experience for Everyone

Sedation dentistry provides our Cary, NC patients with a safe and stress-free experience when they require complex periodontal and implant treatment. Dr. Paul Kazmer has over two decades of experience and holds a sedation permit and providing safe and effective options to help you relax.

Sedation dentistry is also especially useful for our patients with special needs or who are medically compromised, or those undergoing longer or more complex procedures. We also work with a licensed anesthesiologist when additional specialist resources are beneficial. Depending on your situation, we offer no cost oral sedation and we will discuss the most appropriate option to ensure optimal safety and comfort at all times.

oral sedation Cary NC

Oral Sedation Dentistry

Dental anxiety is very common. Many of our patients require expert care due to severe dental phobia that has prevented them from being able to complete routine procedures throughout the past. Fortunately, oral sedation is an easy and safe way to calm your nerves and minimize dental anxiety. You will be administered a pill, at no cost, to take about an hour before your appointment. This will leave you relaxed enough that you may even fall asleep during treatment! When paired with The Wand® computerized anesthesia delivery, you’ll likely not feel any pricks or numbing medication be delivered.

When to Request Dental Sedation

IV Sedation Options

When it comes to managing severe dental anxiety and complex oral surgeries, IV sedation dentistry is a straightforward and predictable way to ensure the highest level of comfort for our patients. This method provides the deepest level of sedation available within a dental setting, delivering the medication safely via an intravenous line, so that it can be closely controlled and timed to fit the procedure being performed. Our Cary, NC IV sedation dentistry patients will need to have someone accompany them to and from their appointment, due to lingering drowsiness.

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