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Experienced Soft Tissue Care

As a periodontist with 20 years of experience, Dr. Paul Kazmer is one of the most experienced gum specialists in the greater Cary, NC area. Managing the health of soft tissues and the structures around them is essential to preserving optimal oral health, overall wellness, and stability of teeth (or dental implants.) However, there come times where gum surgery or soft tissue treatment is needed to combat infections, address irregularities, enhance aesthetics, or limit dietary/speech struggles. Most of the soft tissue treatments that we provide are performed with a laser, for minimally invasive procedures and faster recovery times.

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Laser Dentistry and Tissue Therapy

When we need to perform any type of gum surgery or soft tissue treatment, laser dentistry allows us to provide precise results that promote faster healing, without unnecessary surgical methods or sutures. The results are beneficial both for the health and the appearance of the gingiva involved. Laser treatment uses light energy to gently and precisely remove tissue, when necessary, with minimal pain, bleeding or trauma. This results in a more comfortable experience for you and a very little downtime.

Gingivectomies and “Gummy Smile” Treatment

Sometimes the gums cover more tooth surface than it should. Or, it becomes enlarged and “grows” due to certain types of medication that are being taken. Even pregnancy or orthodontic therapy can trigger hyperplasia (excess gum tissue.) Fortunately, soft tissue treatment with laser dentistry is a straightforward way to recontour and adjust the margins of your gums, changing the way they frame your teeth.

“Gummy” Smiles Can Make Your Teeth Appear

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Frenectomies / Tongue Ties

Another common soft tissue treatment we perform is a frenectomy. Frenectomies are where we gently release the tight strip of tissue just under the tongue or between the upper lip and front teeth. Both of these areas — if too tight — can interfere with speech. They can also lead to challenges in nursing infants.  Fortunately, frenectomies with laser dentistry technology are very simple and nearly painless to complete. They provide same-day relief, improving the quality of life of our patients or their affected children. Thanks to soft tissue lasers, the area heals very quickly with practically no swelling or bleeding.

The Proof is in Our Patients

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Crown Lengthening 

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