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What is Tooth Extraction

When are Tooth Extractions Necessary?

As a periodontist, Dr. Paul Kazmer routinely performs tooth extractions most often associated with non-restorable teeth, failing root canals, advanced gum disease and when dental implant placement is planned. If we are removing teeth that have been severely compromised by periodontitis, extractions may be a necessary part of your comprehensive treatment plan to attain optimal oral health.

During all of our tooth extraction procedures we utilize The Wand® dental anesthesia system that almost painlessly delivers local anesthetic to the site of extraction. Paired with our experienced periodontist, tooth extractions for any reason can be comfortable, improve your oral health and prepare you for receiving dental implants. Sedation dentistry is always an option as well, we want your dental experience to be painless and comfortable without worry.

Tooth Extractions vs. Preservation

In ideal situations, it’s usually preferable to treat and keep existing teeth rather than to immediately extract them and replace with dental implants, bridges or dentures. However, there are instances where decay, broken teeth, failing root canals, bone loss or periodontal disease compromises the teeth and the overall health of our patients. In such instances, tooth extractions may be more beneficial to your quality of life.

Keeping You Comfortable

During his residency, Dr. Kazmer received advanced training at UNC Hospitals in sedation, and holds a sedation permit to provide safe and effective options to help you relax through your tooth extractions, in addition to The Wand anesthesia delivery system. Our Cary, NC patients know that we highly value their comfort and do everything possible to ensure a positive experience during your care.

Dental sedation  is available for all procedures upon request. We want your visit to be one where you can feel relaxed and at ease about the entire process. Whether you’re mildly anxious or suffer from severe phobia, sedation dentistry can help you to access the quality of care that you deserve.

 If you’ve had a bad experience somewhere in the past, we invite you to share your concerns with us so that we can take extra steps to ensure all of your needs are met. Dr. Kazmer is one of Cary, NC’s most experienced periodontal specialists, having practiced in our community since 1999. We also serve individuals with complex medical and special needs.

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