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Healthier, More Attractive Gumlines with Gum Grafting


Have you noticed increased sensitivity, a tooth or teeth that appear longer than the others or loose teeth? You might have gum recession. Uneven gingival tissues or progressing gum recession can affect the way your smile looks, and can also be a risk to your dental health. Fortunately, gum grafting is a safe and effective way to restore lost gum tissue, so that teeth are healthier and more beautiful.

Do You Have Gum Recession?

Periodontal disease (#1 cause)
Aggressive toothbrushing or stiff bristled brushes
Tooth misalignment
Bruxism (chronic grinding)
Habits, such as tobacco use or chewing on foreign objects

Causes of Gum Recession

During a gum graft procedure, our Cary, NC periodontist takes healthy gum tissues, from the roof of your mouth or a safe donor source, and covers the area where recession has occurred. Depending on the location and extent of your gum loss, a soft tissue graft can be extremely effective. Types of grafts vary from those harvested from the roof of your mouth to donor tissue or gums stretched from neighboring teeth to cover the area adjacent to them.

What is a Gum Graft?

As gums pull away from the teeth and recede further away from the root surfaces, it leaves susceptible areas exposed to bacteria, acids, and wear. In time, this can cause sensitivity and rampant tooth decay, as well as mobility in the teeth due to a loss of structural support. With gum grafting at our Cary, NC periodontal practice, you can take proactive steps to re-cover the areas impacted by gum recession.

Gum grafting is a safe and effective way to restore your gumlines back to their healthy levels. When it comes to ensuring both the aesthetics and health of teeth affected by gum recession, a soft tissue graft is the most successful method available. Grafts can be stretched or stitched over the area, allowing them to heal and fuse into place as they create new attachments to the gingiva and teeth underneath.

The Risks of Gum Recession

As a gum specialist, our Cary, NC periodontist is the best type of expert to perform soft tissue therapies like gum grafting. Dr. Kazmer’s extensive experience and management of thousands of gum recession cases ensure that you’ll receive the best results possible, backed by tried-and-true methods paired with the most state-of-the-art resources available.

Advantages of Seeing a Periodontist

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