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Ensuring the Success of Dental Implants – Proper Care

After a dental implant is placed, the goal is a long-term solution. Your new implant should last for years and years.

What can you do to maximize the success of your dental implants?

An implant, in essence, is a tooth. We start with a healthy tooth, and like your teeth, your implant needs to be cared for.

The most common reason a patient would have problems with their implant, is the same reason a patient might have problems with their natural teeth:

Proper oral hygiene – regular brushing and flossing – is necessary.

We also want our patients in routinely with their hygienist and general dentist for cleanings and other preventative measures.

A lot of an implant’s success, much like with your regular teeth, depends on proper care at home and in the dental office.

What can I expect after I receive my dental implant?

After implant therapy is completed, we feel that it’s important to start with the basics. We don’t want to assume that you know how to clean or floss properly. Our team will take the time to review exactly how we want you caring for your implant(s).

Your care at home will help you accomplish the long-term goals that you and Dr. Kazmer strive for.

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