Gum Disease Cary NC

LANAP – Comfortable Treatment for Gum Disease

Unlike conventional gum surgery – which can often be painful, uncomfortable, and unaesthetic – we have a much more predictable, much more comfortable procedure option. LANAP, which stands for Laser-assisted new attachment procedure, is a laser procedure that’s used to restore bone that’s been lost as a result of gum disease. It’s a method of stopping gum disease from leading to tooth loss.

The Benefits of LANAP

For one, LANAP works better than osseous surgery (conventional gum surgery).

On top of that, the comfort level is significantly better than what we used to do in the past. Our patients tell us that discomfort is very minimal. Patients often take Tylenol or ibuprofen type medicines and are back to work the next day.

Call to Schedule Your Consultation

Wondering if LANAP is the right option to treat your gum disease? Each patient is different, and Dr. Kazmer and our team will help you come up with a solution that’s best for you. Call our office at 919-468-6410 to schedule a consult.

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