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Minimizing Dental Fear: Sedation Dentistry Options

Many of our patients have avoided dentistry or haven’t moved forward with the treatment they need because, quite honestly, they’re afraid. It is common for patients to feel anxious or nervous about dental care. This is sometimes caused by a bad experience in the past.

Sedation dentistry is an excellent way of helping you receive the dental treatment you need, but you’ll be much more comfortable.

We offer 2 different sedation options in our office, beyond numbing:

  • Oral Sedatives: These medications are administered in the office before the procedure. We let that medicine take effect and make sure that you are comfortable, then move forward with our dental treatment. Those medicines, at minimum. are going to make you much more relaxed, more comfortable; oftentimes, patients are pretty sedate, pretty relaxed, and pretty amnesiac to the whole experience. The nervousness will be gone and you likely won’t remember the specifics of your dental treatment.
  • IV Sedative Medicines – Sedation via IV offers more amnesia and predictable outcomes. We can really dial in to the level of sedation you want. You won’t remember much of the visit. We don’t want you nervous or worried. We want you to just relax and let us take care of your dental needs.

The sedative medicines will make it so you can’t drive home, obviously. So we want you to have a ride home – we want you going home with your escort on the day of the procedure.

We want you taking the day off from work so that the medicine can finish wearing off at home. There are some do’s and don’t’s, we’ll cover all of those in detail prior to your procedure. We’ll go over all of those with your escort the day of the procedure as well so that they know what’s expected of them to keep you safe.

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