The Consequences of Gum Disease on Overall Health

Typically, when we start talking about periodontal (gum) disease, a patient’s initial concern is about teeth. We’re often asked, “Am I going to lose my teeth? Can I keep my teeth?” However, gum disease goes beyond the oral health of your teeth. Unfortunately, it has consequences on your entire body.

Gum disease is an infection, often times. So if you think about any infection in the body, it can affect other areas besides the place where it initially began.

There is research-based evidence that gum disease, besides not being good for your teeth and leading to tooth loss, has consequences on other parts of the body.

We’ve know this for decades, this isn’t new information. But as time goes on, we’re finding more links between poor oral health and issues in other systems in your body.

Gum Disease & Cardiovascular Health

Probably the most researched is the connection between gum disease and cardiovascular (heart) health. Statistically, the risk for cardiovascular events like heart attacks and strokes is significantly higher for those with oral infections like gum disease or an infected tooth.

So, if you suffer from periodontal disease, we want to treat it. We want to treat it because it’s bad for your teeth, but also because of these other potential issues that can be very real.

With the help of our hygienist, we will work on preventative measures. We want to keep gum disease from being a risk factor threatening your general health.

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